PGI established the “Growing Solar from the Hill” community solar network with support from the Heinz Endowments and the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County. Through this support, three Pittsburgh community nonprofits applied for and received solar installations.The three selected sites are listed below as well as how much energy has been generated and the environmental impacts to date. 

Ranging in size from 2.34 kW to 10.26 kW with a combined total of over 22 kW, the systems were installed at the Schenley Heights Community Development Program in the Hill District, The Kingsley Association in Larimer and The Carnegie Science Center on the North Side of Pittsburgh. All three sites were featured on the 2015 Pittsburgh Solar Tour sponsored by the Solar Unified Network of Western PA. Each project set the framework for a range of organizational and funding models, enabling them to purchase solar panels and therefore reducing overall operating costs.


5.4 tons of CO2 prevented from entering our air

Schenley Heights Community Development Center

Equivalent of 180 trees planted 

10.26 Kw System

A total of 2000 kWh produced

A total of 9,978 kWh produced

Carnegie Science Center 

1.4 ton of CO2 prevented from entering our air

 Equivalent of 106 trees planted 

A total of 5,593.52 kWh produced

If you have any questions regarding Pittsburgh Green Innovator's "Growing Solar" project, please reach out. We are continually excited to hear from community members and partners interested in collaborative opportunities. 

9.6 tons of CO2 prevented from entering our air

9.41 Kw System

Equivalent of 36 trees planted 

Kingsley Association

Growing Solar: Three Sites  with Ongoing Impact

2.35 Kw System

PGH Green Innovators