Alumni Staff:

Christine Graziano

Cassie Guerin

Cara Kennedy

Marie Fetchik-Kirk

James Myers, Jr.

Knowlegde Murphy

Coro Fellows
Dominique Chamley
Steven Ferguson
Patrick Flannery
Michael Schlesinger

University Student Teams:
CMU - School of Architecture

CMU - Tepper School of Business

Duquesne University - Sustainable MBA 

Penn State Center

PITT - Swanson School of Engineering

Mary Ann Farrel

Maher Duessel

Rosedale Block Cluster

Sharon Pillar

Terra Shift


Protecting and preserving restorative natural eco-systems, utilizing natural water cycles and promoting pedestrian-scaled communities

Reducing energy consumption, developing alternatives to fossil fuels and improving access to and building markets for green energy alternatives.

Reducing carbon footprints and waste through adaptive reuse of land, buildings and materials and building markets for the resulting products

Alternative Energy

Our Key Project Contributors

Our Areas of Influence

PGH Green Innovators

Adaptive Reuse

Green Infrastructure

Our Mission

Advocating living-wage opportunities for all workers, environmental citizenship and triple bottom line business principles in the local economy

Board Emeritus

Social Responsibility

Board Officers
Deno De Ciantis, President
Hon. Jim Ferlo, Vice-President
Gordon Manker, Treasurer
Anne Pastor, Secretary

Board of Directors
Rob Arnold

Bill Cagney
Hon. Mike Doyle
Nate Hanson

Debra Killmeyer
Gena Kovalcik
Bernie Lynch
Robert Meeder
Tim McNulty
Alan Seadler
Aurora Sharrard

Jack Shea
Jason Tigano
Hon. Jake Wheatley
Kimberly Slater-Wood
Jeaneen Zappa

Ex-Officio Board Members
Hon. Bill Peduto rep. by Aftyn Giles
Hon. Rich Fitzgerald Kathy Hrabovsky

Catalyzing green economic development in the greater Pittsburgh region


Pittsburgh Green Innovators is a non-profit organization committed to growing a vibrant green economy and community by collaboratively leveraging regional strengths through innovation, education, workforce development, and cultivation of sustainable business opportunities.