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PGH Green Innovators


SmartPower has released its Request for Proposal (RFP) for Phase 1 of Solarize Allegheny. The Community RFP can be found on the campaign landing page:
Any Allegheny County municipality or City of Pittsburgh neighborhood can submit an RFP to be selected to participate in Solarize Allegheny.

Responses to the RFP are due December 12, 2014. 

Three communities (or coalitions of communities) will be selected to participate in Phase 1 of the project that will launch in January 2015. Solarize Allegheny is a unique and exciting community-based outreach and marketing campaign that inspires residents and small businesses go solar. The goal of the campaign is to double the amount of solar in Allegheny County over two years through a series of Solarize campaigns.



Pittsburgh Green Innovators is a non-profit organization committed to growing a vibrant green economy and community by collaboratively leveraging regional strengths through innovation, education, workforce development, and cultivation of sustainable business opportunities. 


By 2020, Southwest Pennsylvania is a clean, green, vibrant, innovative and hardworking region that is a global leader in sustainability. With the Pittsburgh Green Innovators as a catalyst, the Pittsburgh Region is now the epicenter for the tools and talents needed to meet the challenges of achieving a more sustainable economy by combining the best of our legendary work ethic and skilled labor, along with our emerging strengths in higher education and revolutionary technologies.


The Pittsburgh Region

Hill District & Links to the Energy Innovation Center



Seeking Catalytic Connections Between:


High School STEM, CTE & 
Certificate Programs


Apprenticeship Programs, Community College Programs and
4-Year College Degrees


Business Start-Up and Development


Energy Alternatives

Reducing energy consumption, developing alternatives to fossil fuels and improving access to and building markets for green energy alternatives

Green Infrastructure
Protecting and preserving restorative natural eco-systems, utilizing natural water cycles and promoting pedestrian-scaled communities

Adaptive Reuse
Reducing carbon footprints and waste through adaptive reuse of land, buildings and materials and building markets for the resulting products

Social Responsibility
Advocating living-wage opportunities for all workers, environmental citizenship and triple bottom line business principles in the local economy

Thanks for financial support from:

The Heinz Endowments   The Penn State Center       
Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County
The UPS Foundation Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Day of Giving     Port of Pittsburgh Commission Allegheny County Conservation District
McAuley Ministries     Woodard & Curran Foundation

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